There are 4 QL servers with different difficulty levels. I did such division to bring back maybe a little feel from beginning of QL, where were lot of newbie players, having lots of fun plaing against each other without been raped or kicked by high skilled players. So on each of this server there is ELO/Glicko cap and having to low or to high will mute+kick such player. For now there is no ELO/Glicko cap on any server, because plugin used for that feature (mybalance.py) not working as expected after default value change for Glicko init (from 1000 to 1500).

One server has MultiMode available, so if you don't want to play CA, you can choose whatever mode you like (including some popular modes from workshop).

Statistics gathered during matches using qlstats.net tracking system. If you want know more about how this stats are counted read this forum thread.

Any questions. Feel free to ask me or at Steam profile.

Servers Info

If you wanna play on high rated server even if your rating is low (but you are skilled enough to not have been kicked by players) then please tell me, I can add such Steam ID on exception list.